Aquabot Classic Vs Aquabot Junior

Further down the page, you’ll find some explanations regarding the key similarities and differences between the Aquabot Classic and the Aquabot Junior.

But before checking out explanations regarding their power, portability, and features, here’s a table that summarizes the main technical summary sheet for these 2 robotic pool cleaners:

Portability Comparison

To start with, we should take a look at the size of both robotic pool cleaners. In this criteria, the Aquabot Junior at the size of 17 x 14.5 x 10 inches takes the lead when it has a smaller size than the Aquabot Classic (with 20 x 21 x 18 inches). This advantage helps the Junior easily reach every corner of your pool.

Thanks to its compact dimension, the Junior version only weighs 16.5 pounds, which is much lighter than the Classic version at 33.3 pounds. Hence, if you want a machine that is easy to carry around, the Junior cleaner must be the right choice.

For both versions, you will have the track driven rather than a wheel. With this alternative, you can have a cleaning robot that can adapt to any pool surface without leaving marks or damage the floor texture.

Regarding the cable, these two options offer a long (at 40-inch length) and strong cable so that you will never need to worry whether or not they can reach all of your pool. However, a plus point for the Classic version is that it offers Swivel cable, which will surely help you a great deal with simple management.

Aquabot Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner

Power Comparison

Next up on the Efficiency part, we should take some time in the function of these two machines.

On the Classic version, you can have it for cleaning the pool surface of vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, Gunite, and not for tile surface. Meanwhile, you can have the Junior version clean all types of pool surfaces. Interestingly, these two machines can automatically shut off for 2 hours of running.

A feature that Aquabot Junior has is that it can reach the wall lower part, which you cannot find in the Classic version. For the capacity, both these machines can have the equal ability of filter at 4000 gallons.

Features Comparison

Both of these machines follow and are approved to meet the ETL process so that the water within the pool will always be clean and safe for use.

For the Classic Aquabot, you can have smart navigation, which helps the robot to clean under a clear path and clarify any obstacle on the way. Unfortunately, the Junior version does not offer this function. So if you want a smart item, the Classic robot is for you.

Quick Rundown Of Aquabot Classic

Aquabot Classic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Great performance
  • Offer two options of debris bag or filter basket
  • Smart in cleaning navigation for more effective and quick cleaning
  • Available with swivel cable
  • Perfect use for large pools
  • Quite heavy and miss the caddy
  • High-price

Quick Rundown Of Aquabot Junior

Aquabot Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner
375 Reviews
Aquabot Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL IN-GROUND POOL shapes and sizes. Safe for all surfaces including vinyl - Long 50 ft. cable
  • Package Weight: 15.5 kilograms
  • Long 50 ft. cable
  • At Aquabot we believe in crystal clear water with fewer chemicals and a healthier clean.
  • Available for a full operation of plug-and-play
  • Going with non-marring wheels to prevent leaving marks on the surfaces
  • Can deal with debris, including soil, or sand
  • Can shut off automatically for preservation after two hours of running
  • Quite an affordable price
  • Impossible to clean the walls of the pools
  • Having quite a costly motor for replacement of need

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That is all about the Aquabot Classic vs Aquabot Junior comparison. You must now have a clear view of which one to purchase. From our perspective, an Aquabot Junior might be a great choice as it can work on almost all types of pool surfaces at an affordable price. What about you? Which one will you choose?